Restaurant Feedback Form

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Restaurant Feedback Form

Substitute traditional restaurant feedback cards with easy-to-use Restaurant Feedback mobile forms. Simplify the feedback process while engaging your patrons effectively, before they leave their tables. Take instant decisions to quickly improve every aspect of your restaurant – from food to operations, and all the way to marketing.

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Faster Decision Making

In real-time, learn which aspects ensure the loyalty of your patrons and which require further improvement – starting from service to ambiance. Make quick, informed decisions which contribute to your bottom line.

Enhanced Reputation Management

Proactively prevent negative reviews from being published online. Encourage diners to leave reviews via your mobilized restaurant feedback form, directly from their tables before they leave your eatery.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Promptly address the aspects highlighted in your mobilized survey cards. Incorporate customers’ responses in upcoming training sessions for improved efficiency and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Insight into Customer Behavior

Get the data you need to better cater your menu, service, and ambiance to customers’ needs. Gain insight into customer behaviors such as the frequency they visit your restaurant and how likely they will recommend it to others.

Better Understanding of Competition

Learn more about your competitors from the comparisons customers make while typing comments, suggestions, or complaints. Accordingly, come up with strategies which effectively give you an edge and improve your restaurant.

Increased Profits

Improve your bottom line by better meeting diners’ expectations and enhancing customer relationships. Easily collect customer data to efficiently roll out and manage loyalty programs and other rewards.

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