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Save Draft

Ensure the accuracy of the data collected on the field by reviewing it prior to submission. Save your mobile forms as drafts to easily come back and submit later.

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Save Draft

Provide More Detail, Later

Jot down notes in your mobile form then add further details later. Speed up data entry, especially at risky sites, and build on your data at the back office or anytime you are free.

Send Quality Data for Better Decision Making

Review your drafts to add details, remove redundancy, and enhance the quality of your submissions. Deliver quality data to stakeholder to simplify and speed up their decision-making process.

Send Quality Data

Work Truly Offline

Stay productive even while offline. Fill and save your mobile forms while disconnected from Wi-Fi or LTE, then submit once a connection is available.

Save. Review. Submit

Save your mobile forms, review them one last time, then submit them to designated users, data stores, or cloud storage.

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