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Web Services

Integrate your mobile forms with a wide range of back office systems. Enjoy advanced integration options by configuring Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or Representational State Transfer (REST) connectors.

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Connect Your Forms to MORE Business Systems

Go beyond our current list of out of the box integrations, and connect your mobile forms with more backend systems. Get the most from your business systems while enjoying the benefits of mobile data collection with Miracle Mobile Forms.

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Integrate your mobile forms with your enterprise’s web services within minutes, without writing code. Simply fill three fields to create a connection, allowing our mobile forms to truly become part of your enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Configure. Connect. Benefit.

Configure the SOAP or REST connectors in Miracle Studio, and connect your forms to a wide range of business systems. Benefit from your existing systems to boost productivity while saving time and money.

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Enterprises Currently Enjoying this Feature

The following clients are using REST and SOAP connectors to access their enterprise’s back office systems. Will your logo be featured along these industry leaders soon?