Build Xamarin Forms mobile apps, without using Xamarin

Build Xamarin Forms mobile apps, without using Xamarin2019-10-30T14:59:55+08:00

Build Mobile Apps
without using

Enjoy all the benefits of creating Xamarin Forms apps without writing any code in Visual Studio and Xamarin. With Miracle Mobile Forms and the powerful Miracle Studio, create Xamarin mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows with an easy-to-use, drag and drop mobile app designer, right from your web browser.

Say goodbye to traditional Xamarin Forms development

Start developing without Xamarin expertise

Create professional-looking Xamarin Forms mobile apps which integrate seamlessly with back-end systems without writing a single line of code. Drag and drop controls, add business logic and connect your mobile app to Office 365, Azure Active Directory, your company’s Microsoft SQL or MySQL databases, SharePoint, CRMs, and more.

Xamarin Development made easy

Create and deploy Xamarin Forms mobile apps in minutes as opposed to weeks or months. Improve business processes and solve the problems your enterprise faces at a fraction of the time you would need to write code for Xamarin Forms, develop complex logic and integrate with back-end systems.

Get all Xamarin’s Pros minus its Cons

Get all the benefits of building powerful apps in Xamarin Forms while avoiding the complexity of writing code. Easily minimize software development overheads, time-consuming UI/UX development and limited speed of code-based development. With Miracle Mobile, quickly design and publish Xamarin Forms mobile apps without risking cross-platform compatibility.

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