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Enhance your ERP with mobility solutions from Miracle Mobile

Build mobility into your ERP without any significant investment on infrastructure. Leverage mobile technology as an extension to your enterprise’s ERP system, and offer easy, real-time access and sharing of business information to your employees. Meanwhile, enable your enterprise to thrive through focused IT costs, improved reporting, higher efficiency, and increased productivity.

Develop apps customized to business processes – 3x faster

With Miracle Mobile Forms’ no code form designer, simply drag and drop components to create apps tailored to your business processes and seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP systems. Save the months traditionally spent on app development, and deploy a fully functional app for your workforce in just a few weeks’ time.


Create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows simultaneously

Build sophisticated native apps quicker than ever with Miracle Mobile Forms. Publish your app with a single click, and make it available instantly on your enterprise’s iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Ensure optimal end user experience while saving on the time and cost usually invested in traditional mobile app development for each platform.

Easily save $100,000+ on mobile app development

Design highly functional apps without spending $100,000 to $500,000 on mobile app development resources. Get necessary features such as third party integrations, data encryption, and scalability for an affordable price, without wasting time, money, and human resources. Gain control over the process and its costs by creating your own apps or relying on the expertise of Team Miracle Mobile.

Maximize the potential of backend systems with simplified integrations

Easily integrate your enterprise’s backend systems by configuring out-of-the-box connectors and letting Miracle Mobile Forms handle the rest. With the REST Connector, you can connect your app to a variety of business apps, databases, platforms, and other systems in the cloud and on premise. Simply configure the connector’s properties and start using it – coding free.

Enable access and sharing anywhere, anytime, even while offline

Build an app for disconnected operation without incurring additional costs. Prevent obstacles to productivity by ensuring the availability of data and forms to app users, even at remote locations without internet connectivity. Miracle Mobile Form ensures the proper synchronization of submissions to prevent data loss and inaccuracies.

Strengthen mobile app security with multiple defense layers

Take advantage of Miracle Mobile Forms’ multiple layers of security to effectively safeguard your ERP mobile app. With the platform’s Authentication connectors, control and manage access to your app and its data. Further ensure the safety of your app with our most reliable end-to-end security technology and mobile device management functionality.

Gain a competitive edge by extending ERP functions to mobile

Deliver the benefits of your backend business systems to your employees’ fingertips – streamlined communication, effective workflow management, real-time accessibility. Provide your employees with the data they need to remain efficiency and contribute to your business’ success. With higher productivity and operational efficiency, gaining a competitive advantage is easier than ever.

Let Miracle Mobile Forms Enhance Your ERP’s Capability

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